Medicine Packet SI-70 L & Equipments

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A drug wrapper for a drink unit-dose or multi-dose . In addition to guaranteeing the stability of the drug and hygiene , as well as resistant to moisture and facilitate the taking of drugs by patients .

- Raw material for medicine
- UV & Ozone Sterilization
- Guarantees of drugs by Hospital / Pharmacy
- For packing drugs
- Manufactured in hygienic and sterile
- Patents Indonesia

How to use:
  • Before drug formulated , first insert the Plastic Spoon-L into Medicine Packet SI-70 L starting from the bottom.
  • Medicine Packet SI-70 L which has been ready to be filled , arranged in layers as needed .
  • Insert the drug contained in Plastic Spoon into Medicine Packet SI-70 L
  • Next do the sealing process .

A tool to seal Medicine Packet SI-70 L so closed and water-tight from the outside air.
- Special for Medicine Packet SI-70 L
- A / S control and warranty ( free )
- Spare parts are always available
- Bonus 10 pcs plastic spoon

How to use:

Sealing Equipment-L uses power 220 V , 60 Hz and is equipped with fuse which serves to safety if there is a short circuit.

  • Prepare outlet in the "on " , then the yellow indicator light ( PL ) will be lit .
  • Put Medicine Packet SI-70 L on Sealing Equipment-L.
  • Position Head Adjuster ( timer ) : 3 seconds
  • Hold lever heater than the indicator light red ( HL ) will be lit . Release the lever when the heater indicator light is red ( HL ) has been turn off or when the PL indicator lights on again.
  • Take Medicine Packet SI-70 L of the Sealing Equipment-L is . Medicine Packet SI-70 L has been closed .


Used put drug , both unit-dose or multi-dose into Medicine Packet SI-70 L.

- Materials for drug

How to use:

  • Before drug formulated , first insert the Plastic Spoon-L into Medicine Packet SI-70 L according to the number of bags available .
  • Make sure the tip of Plastic Spoon-L inserted completely into each bag Medicine Packet SI-70 L.
  • Medicine packet SI-70 L can be arranged in layers down as needed .
  • Share the drug earlier in the Plastic Spoon-L that has been laid out .
  • After that, lift Plastic Spoon-L from Medicine Packet SI-70 L so that the drug insert into the pockets of Medicine Packet SI-70 L.
  • Next do the sealing process .


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