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Drugs that have been unused on whether huh?
Green Tips
Tuesday, 10/05/2016 10:36 WIB

We already buy and consume drugs wisely, but still no drugs are eventually unused

Then whether the drug should be thrown away?

Perhaps we do not realize that throwing drugs into the neighborhood just turns dangerous as well as get rid of toxins. There are certain medications that will break down into toxins, which are harmful not only to the flora and fauna, but also for ourselves.

Several types of drugs such as antibiotics, antiseptic, antiviral, antifungal, anti-worm, etc., if it gets to the ground will cause an imbalance of micro flora and fauna in the soil, because it can kill microorganisms normally.

Additionally, specific to antibiotics, can cause harmful microorganisms immune to the antibiotics.

In addition, drugs that dumped former would pollute the groundwater. Or discharged into waterways eventually flow into the sea, contaminating fish and other sea creatures that ultimately goes into our stomachs.

So, what can we do to drugs that have not (can) be consumed

  1. Most importantly, do not throw away medication in the trash, because it can be resold by irresponsible parties and of course very dangerous for the health of others.
  2. For vitamins and minerals, can be used as fertilizer. How, when shaped capsule, the capsule contents removed. If the form of tablets, crushed beforehand. Then sprinkle the drug powder to the plant.
  3. For vitamins and minerals liquid can be poured directly into the plant
  4. Collect medicines that have been unused. After a bit much, Leave to pharmacies, hospitals, or drug factory. These parties usually perform routine extermination against drug stocks that have expired.
  5. If the number of tablets / capsules that have expired are in very large numbers, can also be deposited in a cement factory, to be used as as a cement mixture
  6. Do not forget to throw in advance the drug packaging. For example torn sticker on the bottle, packaging box cut. This is to prevent drug counterfeiting, because it could have taken the drug berstiker bottle scavengers and subsequently filled counterfeit drug
  7. The rest of the drug would not be used again but it has not expired, can be handed over to a charity which held free medical treatment. The drug should still good condition. This means that the tablet / capsule is still in its container (strips, blister) unopened, while for liquid drug, close the bottle unopened.


Stop Throwing Drugs in Trash
Ariayani - Kompasiana Rubrik
Tuesday, 10/05/2016 09:36 WIB

Almost every house must have a medicine box / place to store medications. Then, when we last saw the contents of the medicine cabinet? After reading this article, let us see the contents of the medicine cabinet at home and pay close attention these medicinal drugs. Typically, there are two reasons we keep the medicine,

1.  Provided precaution when sick, especially those with small children or who have a particular disease. Usually the drugs are stored that are drug fever, cough medicine, flu, drug diare

2.   Kept because there is an excess of drugs after recovery (except antibiotics must be exhausted), usually when we went to the doctor, then we feel healed before the drug out, for fear of relapse, usually we save the first drug in the medicine cabinet, until finally forget that we store.

How should the way we keep the medicine?

  • Follow the storage instructions on the packaging of existing drugs, there are drugs that must be stored in the refrigerator, there are also only at room temperature.
  • Store in a place away from the reach of children
  • Note the expiration date medication, if faintly visible, should be labeled and re-written the expiration date.
  • Re-labeling is also useful when we forget to cut out parts of medicine to drink, while the expiration date listed on the section
  • When the package is lost, sometimes we forget kegunaaan the drug for what, so we should also note labeled, Example, cold medicine, exp 3/12/12
  • Keep medication in its original container, because the drug manufacturers would have the reason why the drug packed in special packaging, and of course so that the drug can remain in good condition.
  • Dispose of medication that is outdated and unfit for consumption. In terms of throwing drugs, here is my experience: Because saw the news on television that there are rogue elements who are not responsible, who took the medication drug in the general trash and sell it to the poor, made me quite careful when throwing medications , For drugs in tablet form, all the medications I remove it from its packaging, wrap my medication to place waste bins, while the drug tablets my toilet waste into the toilet. For medicinal syrup, I pour the first to empty, my new bottle throw into the trash. See what I was doing assistant house, I asked, "Mommy, why should such a waste of medicine '' and then I explain, THAT what I do for fear Obata medicines that we have already thrown exploited by elements irresponsible and sell back, or worry when scavengers discovered these drugs, and the grounds are desperate economic conditions, fear of drugs was still drunk and not cured it is possible that drug intoxication. A few weeks later, my household assistant told her, yes bu tablets, if we dispose of drugs in the intact condition, taken together scavenger, scavenger ngambilin tuh just see medicine in the trash next door neighbor.
  • Should we examine the contents of the medicine cabinet periodically and consider the condition of the drug before taking it.
Why are drugs that have expired and which have been damaged should not be consumed again? Because, in addition to its usefulness is reduced, the drug medications also can turn into poison. The medicine may not be suitable for consumption, although not kadaluarasa, it is usually due to poor storage. To see whether the drug is damaged or not, see if there are changes in color, smell and shape, eg for drug tablets, whether the color changed to a bit dark, moldy, cracked due out gas, and smelling. When the syrup, if crystallized, dry out or split. So, after we look at the contents of the medicine cabinet we are today, dispose of medications that have been damaged and expired are not intact, to avoid abuse by unscrupulous persons who are not responsible and that does not cause people who can not afford even more difficult after drinking medicinal drug is not worth it. The reason I throw into the closet because it is slight and medicinal drugs will lalrut in water. But when worry toilets clogged, the drugs have been removed from the packaging, can be destroyed first, and then inserted into the plastic, then discarded. Let us be wise in taking the medication. Better to prevent than to cure.


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