Medicine Packaging Support System

Desk Type

Full Automatic System
(Automatic Tablet Dispensing & Packaging System - ATDPS)

Automatic Tablet machine: this system functions as an automatic drug packaging for either single or multi dose. Additionally this machine also serves as a place to store medications and drugs database system.

This machine is capable of storing a lot of drug items in good condition for a long time. Automatic machines tablet is also equipped with automatic printing device that is operated by an internal computer so that the pharmacists can list their treatment on the packaging label. Operation is also easy to do to support and accelerate the work of pharmacy. The advantages of these Automatic Tablet machines  is it’s database system that can be connected with the medicine hospital information systems or pharmaceutical use. Input can also be done by prescripting online by each physician and in each ward.

Examples of Full Automatic Machine (Automatic Tablet Dispensing and Packaging System - ATDPS) Co. JVM output., Ltd. are as follows:







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