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Medicine Packet & Equipments


Single dose Medicine packet for powder or tablet. In addition to ensuring the stability of medicine and hygiene. Are also resistant to moisture and easy to consume drugs or pharmacy services.

- Raw material for medicine
- UV and Ozone sterilization
- For packing drugs
- Manufactured in hygienic and sterile
There are also 2 types of option : SI-20 AND SI-70
- Patents Indonesia

How to use:
  • Before the drug is formulated, first insert platic spoon to medicine packet starting from the bottom.
  • Medicine packet which has been ready to be filled plated and arranged as needed for equitable distribution of the drug.
  • Pour drugs contained in plastic spoon to medicine packet by finger tapping so that no drug is left.
  • Next do the sealing process. For better results, the incoming air in the medicine packet should not be issued.

A tool to seal and watertight Medicine Packet from the outside air.

- Special for the medicine packet
- A / S control and guarantee (Free)
- Spare parts are always available
- Free 10 pcs plastic spoon

How to use:

Sealing machine uses power 220 V, 50 Hz and is equipped with Fuse which serves to safety if there is a short circuit.

  • Prepare outlet in the "on" position, the yellow indicator light (PL) will be lit.
  • Put Medicine Packet on sealing machine.
  • Position Head Adjuster (timer) : 3 seconds
  • Hold lever heater, then the indicator lights red (HL) will be lit. Release the lever when the heater indicator light is red (HL) has been turned off or when the PL indicator light on again.
  • Medicine Packet already closed.
  • Take Medicine Packet of the sealing machine.


A drug grinding machine with a strong Cup material advantages, especially for drugs and resistant to contact with the drug. Pulverizer helps  accelerate the creation of drug into powder.

- Tools for grinding drugs
- A / S control and guarantee (Free)
- Spare parts are always available

How to use:

This machine uses power 220 V, 50 Hz.
1 set consists of 5 cups and 2 blades.

  • Drugs loaded into the cup. Outlet position "off", then the cup is placed in the motor / pulverizer machine.  Press and  then rotate to the right until the cup is locked.
  • Position the jack "on", then the drug will be destroyed within 4-7 seconds and after drug subtle (a powder), the pulverizer smaller motor sounds.
  • Grind not more than 10 seconds, if the drugs not subtle yet, grind it oncemore.
  • Let the cup upside down a few moments later,  clean the remnants of drugs that stick in between the blades with a small brush.
  • Not recommended for wet and drugs containing glucose.


Used to put drugs, powder or tablets into Medicine Packets.

- Materials for medicine

How to use:

  • Before the medicine packets clipped, first enter the plastic spoon into medicine packet according to the number of bags available.
  • Make sure the tip of a plastic spoon perfectly inside each medicine packet bag.
  • Medicine packets can be layered down as needed for equitable distribution of the medicines.
  • Put the medicines into the already laid out plastic spoon.
  • After that, lift the plastic spoon from the medicine packets, and tap the plastic spoon with finger tip so that all the medicines are inside the medicine packet, make sure there is no medicine left in the plastic spoon. Then lift and take the plastic spoon out of the medicine packet.
  • After the process done, the plastic spoon can be clean with a brush.



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