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About Us

Company Name :
pt. sci (Solocone Industry)
A Brief History :
26 July 1993 (PMA)
Addres Factory and Office :
Jl. Tambak Aji Timur No.3 Kec. Ngaliyan
Semarang - Indonesia 
Land and Building :
3,300 m² & 1240 m²
Telephone :

a. Dept.Marketing :

-Team Barat   : +62-24-8665201, 8665789
-Team Timur  : +62-24-8665201, 8665789
-Team  JVM    : +62-24-8661683
b. Dept.Executive : +62-24-8662905, 8664844
Fax :
Homepage :
Manufacturing :
Medicine Packet and Medicine Packing System
Exclusive Agent :
- JVM. Co. Ltd (Korea)





Solocone Industry

pt. sci is a Medicine Packing System pioneer in Indonesia.

Blue Touch


We are aware, a clean and sustainable environment is the main provision for a healthy life. 

Free of charges

pt. sci provides free service for your products and sealing Equipment and  pulverizer.

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