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pt. sci is a Medicine Packing system pioneer  in Indonesia. We produce Medicine Packets  and provide tools to support Medicine Packing System throughout Indonesia. We always put the quality of our products and service to customers. It can be seen from the number of customers that we currently reach more than 1700 subscribers. We believe that a better treatment system will create a better life.


Medicine Packaging Support System

Desk Type

Full Automatic System
(Automatic Tablet Dispensing & Packaging System - ATDPS)

Automatic Tablet machine: this system functions as an automatic drug packaging for either single or multi dose. Additionally this machine also serves as a place to store medications and drugs database system.


Single Dose Medicine Packing System

One innovation in the pharmaceutical technology is in terms of drug services provided to patients. With the new systems which include  Medicine Packing System.This system provides convenience and better health services to the community, where patients get medicines in one package to take either single dose or multi-dose.

Solocone Industry

pt. sci is a Medicine Packing System pioneer in Indonesia.

Blue Touch


We are aware, a clean and sustainable environment is the main provision for a healthy life. 

Free of charges

pt. sci provides free service for your products and sealing Equipment and  pulverizer.


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